10 question test

Choosing weather or not a sober living environment is the right for you or a loved one can be challenging. That’s exactly why we made this 10 question test to help you see if it is the right for you and help you understand what a sober living provides.



  1. Have you been to a primary addiction treatment center in the past?

Yes No

  1. Is your current living situation undesirable condition for you to maintain sobriety?

Yes No

  1. Are you looking to continue a recovery process in 12 step program?

Yes No

  1. Are you currently abusing substances?

Yes No

  1. Does the sharing of personal space ie bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen an obstacle that you cannot overcome?

Yes No

  1. Are you looking to go back to work and/or attend school while being sober?

Yes No

  1. Are you currently using any harm reduction medicines such as methadone, suboxone or the like?

Yes No

  1. Do you have a need for continued clinical services following treatment?

Yes No

  1. Are following rules and communicate with others about what’s going on difficult?

Yes No

  1. Do you have financial resources available to aid you?

Yes No

Answer Key:

Question 1

Most Sober living environments want person following and experience in primary treatment as they are not the first line in recovery from addiction. They are not treatment centers. You may want to look into a treatment center first if you answer no on this question.

Question 2

Most people go into a sober living because their old life is one they do not want to go back to thus making the place they lived previously not the right situation for them. This is not always the case but more times than not having a fresh start outside of their own apartment or parents’ house is important in getting well.

Question 3

If you answered no on this question you may want to really do your research as most sober living have a heavy 12 step involvement. If you have no desire in doing so you may find it challenging to live in a house focused on 12 steps.

Question 4

If you answered yes to this a sober living environment would not be a right fit for you as they are not treatment centers or detox program. You may need a hospital stay prior to going into a sober living environment. They usual drug test at sober living environments as well.

Question 5

Most sober living environments used community space therefore they share bathrooms bedrooms and kitchen areas if this is troublesome then you may want to reconsider your choice or find a sober living that has lower ratios of people for these accommodations such as double or single bedrooms with a handful of people using the facilities.

Question 6

Most sober livings allow you to go back to work or find a job after you have been through a restriction period general time frame 2 weeks but some may be even longer. These sober livings may be more structure and have a smooth transition from treatment to real life. Be sure to clarify the restriction period when calling.

Question 7

Harm reduction has been a very common method of mitigating risk for relapse or harm to a person in a legal or health sense. But if you answered yes to this question you may not be a fit for a sober living environment as most do not allow methadone or suboxone in their homes. Being up front with the house manager or intake person will help not making the situation complicated as most places do not have the staff to help with such methods. Though some do provide the ability for tapering off and even some maintenance. I would be weary of anyone not doing business with a psychiatrist or outpatient provider before going to a sober living that allows harm reduction.

Question 8

Leaving treatment and going into a unstructured environment can be detrimental to some individuals and the need for structure and additional services may be an important aspect for a person going into a sober living environment. Again sober livings are not treatment centers but some do have their own outpatient or utilize the services of a provider if you are in need of such services be sure to ask that question up front this way you will be clear about their position on additional help.

Question 9

Most sober livings have a community culture therefore following rules and talking with others are mandatory in such environments this is a feature that makes them successful and what they do. Having someone there to help you with your own struggles that said if you struggle with following rules and opening up to others you may find sober living environment difficult to live in.

Question 10

Sober living environments are generally not funded by the state you may reside or wish to reside in. They also have a wide range depending on the services you are looking for and location of where it is located. That said you get what you pay for in most cases. So if you do not have financial resources you will find yourself not being able to get into a sober living even if it is nonprofit. You may want to ask them for a referral for one more appropriate for your current financial situation.


This is by no means an exact science but should give a good idea if a sober living environment is right for you. If you are still unclear please do not hesitate to call us for further assistance. 1.888.448.9696