Landing – Launching – Living


Individuals land at Chapter House after either treatment, a relapse, or a past previous treatment episode. We believe it is critical that these men land in a safe place that offers an extension of treatment where they are contained, structured and monitored. This is a crucial stage as we are building a foundation for recovery with life development curriculum compounded with intensive clinical engagement through the outpatient counseling center. During this stage residents will be immersed in the 12 steps and connect with the local recovery community. At the closure of this stage, residents will start preparing for the launching stage by choosing a vocational or educational track with the support of the recovery team.


Most of our residents have experienced a “failure to launch”. Most have had dreams, hopes and aspirations to do something meaningful with their life, but just haven’t been able to pull it off. For those that haven’t had a vision for life, this stage will give them the opportunity to finally create one. In this stage, the Chapter House team, along with their support system, will surround each resident to help them put their vision into action. They will continue with their baseline recovery activities and build upon those by increasing their participation in the community. One of the key components of this stage is turning educational and/or vocational goals into a reality. Other features of this recovery stage include time management skills, budgeting skills and balancing life and recovery.


Our ultimate goal for each resident is to live their life! We want each resident to have to the freedom and the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer. This is the last chapter of the journey here at Chapter House and this stage focuses on moving towards independent living. Along with full-time employment or school, residents will begin to take on more responsibility in the house and have more individualized help from the Chapter House team. At this stage, residents will have demonstrated responsibility with money, have incorporated health and wellness skills, have a clear plan for further educational and vocational goals, and be actively displaying leadership and recovery principles. A comprehensive discharge plan will be created along with the resident’s support system to ensure a smooth transition into independent living. At the end of this stage, residents will be prepared to live the vision they have created for themselves.