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A Bed.

Chapter House is located in Dallas, Texas. We provide a full service sober living environment for men in early recovery from chemical dependency. Using a 12-step centered approach of life development with outpatient clinical services, we create a space for men to heal, recover and move on to the next chapter of life.

Chapter House sober living home has 24-hour staff, including a case manager assigned to each resident who works individually with the resident on life development, recovery progress, and partnering with and supporting families. Some of the features that make Chapter House unique are the focus on education and career development, the health and wellness curriculum and our partnership with an advanced outpatient counseling center. The 5,700 square foot property is located in a private subdivision with a pool overlooking an exquisite golf course, has a state of the art game room, ample space with 4 living areas, and a fully equipped computer lab.

What is Chapter House?

Chapter House is a structured transitional living program in Dallas, Texas, for young adult men (17-35 years old) who need significant support in early recovery from addiction. Our purpose is to support young men as they fully embrace a recovery lifestyle and provide guidance as they discover their path into adulthood. Designed with a three-stage program, the Chapter House curriculum was developed to foster healthy relationships, maturity and independence. Chapter House combines a passionate belief in the 12-steps and their path to freedom with substantial clinical support for the emotional and psychiatric needs of early recovery. Through adding intensive mentorship, life skills training and hands on career development, Chapter House sets each individual up for success in not just their recovery, but their life.

What does Chapter House do?

The philosophy behind Chapter House is rooted in the idea that young men need TIME and immense support while practicing the principles of a recovered lifestyle. The process of establishing recovery as a young adult can be challenging for a variety of reasons. The residents may have complicating factors that have historically made it difficult for them to successfully remain sober. Chapter House welcomes the uniqueness of each individual and work with their specific emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Chapter House works with individuals who may have failed former attempts at recovery and this often includes shorter term treatment episodes or a traditional sober living environment. Additionally, many residents at Chapter House have uncompleted educational and career goals and have yet to launch into a productive adult life. We believe it is necessary to foster a personal relationship with each resident to identify their relapse obstacles and areas of vulnerability while celebrating every success along the way.

How is
Chapter House different?

Chapter House differs from traditional sober living environments. Traditional sober living usually provides very little structure and often has minimum support, while expecting significant maturity and independence from the individual. Chapter House understands that many young adult men need significant help, structure, oversight, logistical support with life tasks, and hands-on mentorship. Chapter House provides a life planning community that disrupts the snowball effects of addiction. Additionally, Chapter House has their own Clinical Center that provides outpatient treatment, counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and trauma therapy. Chapter House Counseling Center has a Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist as their medical director and practicing psychiatrist. He sees clients weekly onsite at the Clinical Center.

How we can help.

How does Chapter House help?

Chapter House provides structured and supportive sober housing through a three-stage system to prepare for independent living and everything in between. The curriculum is tailored and specifically designed to lean into and develop the strengths of the individual while addressing blind spots that may get in the way. The unique life skills program, clinical support, individualized education/career assistance and hands-on financial work are just a few ways Chapter House is able to work with the needs of the men we serve.

Who is a fit for Chapter House?

While specifically designed for men in early recovery from substance use disorders, Chapter House is also a Dual Diagnosis facility with the capacity to treat men who struggle in other treatment milieus or sober living environments. Through our customized approach, we can treat men with a special clinical acuity as well as individuals who are well versed with typical treatment settings. If your loved one is currently discharging from a treatment episode at a drug rehab facility or is not thriving in their current living situation, Chapter House may be exactly what they need.

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