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Ensuring Family Engagement and Support Throughout the Recovery Journey

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Navigating Recovery Together

The family is a key component of the work Chapter House does with men in early recovery. Recognizing the pivotal role that family support plays in the recovery journey, Chapter House ensures that families are actively involved and well-informed. Each week, the family will receive an update from either the residential case manager or the outpatient counselor. These updates are designed to keep the family abreast of the resident's progress, challenges, and milestones achieved during their stay. We believe it is important to keep the family informed throughout the entire Chapter House program. It is vital for family members to understand and align with the Chapter House design, and it is only through development of a close working relationship with staff that we believe this is possible.

To facilitate this alignment, Chapter House provides families with comprehensive information about the program's structure, goals, and expectations right from the start. This information includes detailed explanations of each recovery stage, the therapeutic approaches used, and the various support services available to residents. Family contact is limited during the landing recovery stage to once a week and visitation is allowed only after the first 30 days. This structure is vital to help each resident become firmly planted in their new residence and not allow outside distractions to divert them.

For residents past 30 days, family visitation is every Sunday, providing an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and support. Phone calls and family communication will be individually determined based on progress and recovery stage, ensuring that each resident's needs are met while maintaining the integrity of their recovery process. Chapter House also encourages families to participate in family therapy sessions, which can be arranged as needed. These sessions are designed to address any underlying family dynamics that may impact the resident's recovery, fostering a supportive and understanding home environment.

By keeping families engaged and informed, Chapter House aims to build a strong support network around each resident, helping them to navigate the complexities of early recovery and establish a foundation for lasting sobriety.

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