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What Makes Us Different?

Tailored recovery in a nurturing environment, focusing on individual growth, family involvement, and lifelong success

Personalized Care Environment

At Chapter House, our intimate setting ensures that each resident receives focused, intensive personal attention. Moreover, we actively encourage family involvement at every stage of the recovery process, ensuring a collaborative approach to healing. Our staff is dedicated to providing personalized support and mentorship to both residents and their families, fostering a community-oriented recovery environment. We prioritize a circular, inclusive approach where every participant can engage directly with others, in contrast to the linear, follow-the-leader style found in larger settings.

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Advanced Clinical Services

Chapter House partners with Chapter House Counseling Center, an advanced recovery intensive outpatient counseling center. We believe good clinical services are essential to the transition into lasting sobriety. Even after the intensity of residential treatment, individuals need space to continue to explore core issues that impact their relationships, recovery and ability to move into adulthood. Chapter House Counseling Center has designed its program specifically for individuals that have been through treatment, had sobriety in the past, or have had exposure to the 12-steps, and need to build on the experiences they’ve had and information they have already been taught. All clinical services are integrated with 12-step principles and an understanding of the importance of applying the steps into every area of our emotional life, spiritual life, professional life, and family life.

24-Hour Support Staff

Unlike typical sober living environments, which may offer minimal supervision, Chapter House ensures around-the-clock oversight with our 24-hour awake staff. This constant presence guarantees not only the safety and cleanliness of our facilities but also adherence to program standards and the overall well-being of our residents. Our staff is always available to provide leadership and support, ensuring a secure and structured environment essential for those in transition.

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Specializing in Failure to Launch

Chapter House is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by young men struggling with failure to launch. We emphasize the importance of educational and vocational advancement as foundational to becoming engaged, contributing members of society. Our case managers work closely with residents through our structured program phases—Landing, Launching, and Living—to develop a clear, actionable life plan, ensuring that each individual leaves with a robust sense of direction and purpose.

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Education and Vocation

One of the advantages of doing gender-specific recovery work with men is our understanding that developing a career is very closely involved with the identity, confidence and self-esteem of a man. We believe educational goals and career goals are not just future aspirations, but they begin now. Our case managers will work closely with each resident to understand the specific goals, personality type, and strengths of the individual to get them on the right track. A full list of surrounding colleges, universities and businesses is listed in the “About our Location” page.

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Life Development Curriculum

The Chapter House life development curriculum focuses on relationships, goal setting, cooking, cleaning, organization, professional skills, hygiene and budgeting. Each resident will be required to go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace curriculum for young adults. We believe the curriculum is invaluable in its teaching of living debt free, learning to be disciplined with money, save, give, and ultimately to have financial freedom.

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12-Step and Community Involvement

Men at Chapter House will be surrounded by the 12-step community, immersed in 12-step literature, required to complete all 12 steps, and mentored in how to apply the spiritual and recovery principles that the 12 steps teach. In addition, Chapter House has a volunteer program that will involve the residents with local families, athletes, speakers, spiritual leaders, and professionals in the surrounding area. We take pride in offering a variety of perspectives and experiences to help guide residents through all aspects of life and its challenges.

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Health and Wellness

It is in our experience working in the field that “a body burned by alcohol and drugs does not often recover overnight”. This is why we have developed a wellness curriculum that utilizes nutrition and healthy exercise intended to help the body, mind and spirit recover. We utilize some of the best trainers and nutritionist that are available in our area. These services will include nutrition education, healthy shopping habits, sports specific training and individualized wellness plans.

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Chapter House has an awake overnight staff who does regular bed checks, provide monitoring and supervision to ensure the safety of all residents throughout the deep night.

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Smooth Transition

The goal at Chapter House is to provide a smooth transition for individuals coming out of treatment or in early recovery. Most treatment centers are between 30-60 days and further treatment is almost always recommended to transition the individual from intensive care back to the freedom of the outside world. This is where Chapter House comes in – we specifically fill in the gap between treatment and independent living.

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