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Sober Living

The Chapter House team consists not only of the Sober Living House and the Counseling Center, but it also involves the local community of experts in the areas of medical, psychiatric, nutrition, fitness, education, and vocational services. This team, along with the local 12-step community, creates a comprehensive recovery oriented system of care.


Michael Sober Living

Michael Smith

Michael Smith achieved sobriety at the age of 23 (2003) and has dedicated his life to helping others find recovery. As the Director of Marketing for a long term treatment center specializing in chronic relapse, Michael became one of the leading industry advocates for abstinence based recovery. Michael was most recently the CEO of an extended care program for men in New England. He was a founding member of a national addiction conference, and currently serves as a planning committee member for the largest addiction treatment conference group.



Michael currently conducts the day to day operations engaging with the residents throughout all aspects of life development, recovery lectures and health and wellness curriculum. A real sense of his commitment to Chapter House occurs when family members and loved ones reach out to Chapter House and find Michael on the other end of the phone, or when conducting a tour of the property. Michael sums this up by stating, “I find working with the men day to day satisfying. Even more so helping families heal in their own process just as rewarding.”

Clinical Director at Chapter House Counseling Center

Heidi Counseling

Heidi Smith

Heidi Voet Smith is a licensed professional counselor in both Texas and Maine and is also a licensed counselor supervisor. With nearly 13 years of working specifically with addiction and chronic relapse, Heidi has become a trusted voice, author, and blogger on treating individuals suffering from addictive disorders. She had a featured article in “Addiction Professional Magazine” in both 2012 and 2014 and is currently a featured blogger. She has been featured in A&E’s “Intervention” as well as the National Geographic series “How Drugs Work.” In addition, Heidi has presented at the Cape Cod Symposium for Addictive Disorders, the National Association for Addiction Professionals Annual Convention, the Texas Association for Addiction Professionals Annual Convention, as well as numerous other national and local addiction conferences. After completing graduate school, Heidi worked at a non-profit women’s treatment center with pregnant and parenting women struggling with addiction. Heidi joined the staff at a long-term treatment center for chronic relapse early in 2007 and served as the Clinical Director until 2014. Heidi has also worked with thousands of families of addicted individuals through co-facilitating family program workshops. Heidi resides in Dallas with her husband Michael and their 3-year-old son Elliott.

Heidi is an adjunct professor at both Criswell College and UTSouthwestern where she teaches addiction counseling.

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Sober Living

Jeff Gould

Jeff Gould is the Chief Operations Officer of Chapterhouse Recovery Services. His background in the field started thirteen years ago, working in a position in a community detox hospital, where he would frequently counsel with a large section of the addicted community in Southern Arizona; later he would go on to manage an eight bed program for war veterans affected by PTSD, and with co-occurring psychiatric and addictive disorders.

Jeff Gould BEFORE pic


In 2006, Jeff began working with young populations, serving as an Executive director of a program in Tucson, and later becoming a Special Projects manager of a large therapeutic boarding school in Tombstone. Jeff helped launch a twelve step curriculum that shifted the culture of the program, and spearheaded efforts to provide disaster relief to areas of the country ravaged by natural disaster: New Orleans & Tuscaloosa among them. Jeff has been published by AAWS and was known for his blogs on topics in recovery, as well as having been a key-note speaker at many conventions & symposiums globally. Jeff still enjoys scuba diving, ice hockey, music and travel when he is not in the trenches helping others.

Operations Manager

Aaron Sober Living

Aaron Stacey

Chapterhouse’s Director of operations- Aaron Stacey, grew up in Buxton Maine playing basketball, studying horticulture, and working in the culinary arts. Aaron excelled in sports & work both, before falling into the clutches of the crack-cocaine epidemic, and later abusing heroin. Having had several short periods of sobriety, Aaron eventually was saved by the grace of a scholarship to a long term treatment center, where he worked a 12 step program and found a way to live by spiritual principles.



Aarons wisdom & knowledge of treatment work extends well beyond his six years in the field, where he has worked in various high-level capacities as Director of Admissions, and Operations Manager, & Resident Managers for numerous facilities of good repute. Aarons attention to detail, and well-rounded skill set help provide both structure, and a quality experience for all our residents, insuring that every detail of their treatment plan is met to perfection. Aaron in his spare time stays busy with sports, sponsorship, and raising his 11-year-old son, Dylan.

Community Outreach Director

Gary Sober Living

Gary Coffman

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Gary Coffman has been a strong recovery advocate and active 12 step member since 1984, having begun a lasting and vibrant sobriety in Los Angeles at a young age. Gary has a wide base in both business development and management, and has worked for many reputable and thriving firms who deal in annuities & investments.



Gary’s infectious energy and upbeat nature, coupled with his vast knowledge of programs and personnel in the recovery field have molded him into the perfect Outreach person, who very often is the principle point of contact with those whom we serve. Gary provides calm reassurance to those seeking treatment, and helps place those in need to the proper level of care with which to receive this most wonderful gift of sobriety.

Operations Manager for Continuing Care

Ken Kobylinski

Ken Kobylinski

Ken Kobylinski, our Operations Manager of our continuum of care, is the charge who oversees our upper phase Chapterhouse clients and helps them bridge their recovery successfully to independence. Having ten years of recovery himself, Ken’s caring and thoughtful approach has been key in many of our resident’s process, and he has a gift for active listening, and offering valuable feedback.



Ken in his spare time enjoys building mainframe computers and linking these with the latest cutting edge technologies; his brilliance in i.t. and electronics has helped Chapterhouse as a whole stay at the forefront in terms of both security and technology, affording us that much more time to donate to our resident’s care.

House Manager

Michael Paul Hebert

Michael Paul Hebert



Was born and raised in Plano, Texas. Michael Paul grew up wanting for nothing; after getting kicked out of prep school Michael Paul found crystal meth and quickly became a daily user for the next 13 years. After several suicide attempts and another on the horizon, he was directed to the rooms of 12 step recovery at twenty-eight years old, and has been sober ever since. It took a year of intensive work in the rooms of recovery, working the steps & obtaining a service position to find recovery; since then he has become active in sobriety groups throughout the US, before he found employment at Chapter House where his experience and dedication to 12 step recovery allows him to help the residents transition to graduation and independent living.

Michael Paul currently oversees all day to day operations of our Morning Glory home, and his fastidious and outgoing nature help ensure all our late stage residents are given the precise tools they need to transition to independent living. In his spare time, Michael Paul is now active in service to local LGBT recovery, as well as service at the state and world level for crystal meth addiction.

Operations Assistant

Parker Sober Living

Parker Mullins

Parker has been sober since May 22nd of 2011. He went to a treatment center in Dallas when he was nineteen years old. Since then he has been involved in a twelve step community, and carries the message of recovery to a rehab facility weekly. Parker is a new father, and gets the opportunity to practice the spiritual principals he has learned in recovery in his professional and family life.



Parker continues to sponsor men in the twelve step program and do everything he can to be helpful to the addict and alcoholic that still suffers. At Chapter House he gets the privilege of doing this every day.

Case Manager

CJ Sober Living

Christopher Kreneck

CJ Kreneck is a Case Manager at Chapter House, whose background involves working in other, quality facilities, where he was trained and supervised by some well-known names in the Behavioral Health Industry. Being only twenty-five years old, CJ has served as a shining example of young-people finding real recovery, and working the Program with great intention and clarity.

Christopher Kren BEFORE pic


CJ models a tremendous integrity in his spiritual practice, and is a trusted and heralded member of several large Groups who carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer. CJ has a deep passion for music, and enjoys playing the bass guitar when not helping others.

Case Manager

Danny Sober Living

Daniel Hartu

Daniel Hartu is originally from Illinois, but was moved here to Dallas Texas at the age of 11. Gifted, bright, and having a keen eye for creating art, Danny had a promising academic career before falling into the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction. Danny sought meaningful recovery, and has maintained his recovery through intense work with addicts, both in the rooms and here at Chapterhouse. Danny has a deep passion for stone & masonry work, creating brilliant paintings that illustrate the change in his life, basketball and ice hockey. He is the proud parent of three year old daughter.

Case Manager

Kent Sober Living

Kent Exum

Kent Exum is a recovered addict who found the incredible gift of sobriety on June 9th, 2014. Kent was born in Indianapolis, and had much academic success before succumbing to methamphetamine addiction which would later ravage his life. In his formidable years, Kent would elevate himself in the art of cuisine working as a professional chef in the South

Kent BEFORE pic


Pacific, as well as working in a host of fine dining establishments across the continental US- he now shares he passion for culinary arts with the clients at Chapterhouse.

Kent is a recent addition to our Chapterhouse family, but his enthusiasm, integrity & warm spirit has made him a favorite with the clients, and his tenuous hard work has helped launch our Alumni program that has brought all of our past residents together in a meaningful way. Kent enjoys the outdoors, and is an avid surfer & snow skier.

Case Manager

Jimmy Sober Living

Jimmy Olivieri

Jimmy Olivieri is the younger of two siblings hailing from Naperville, Ill. James grew up in that same area, pursuing an academic path in family science at Ohio State university. After some early years experimenting with drugs and alcohol, Jimmy ended up in the perils of addiction, and was placed in upwards of a half a dozen treatment centers with no success in maintaining sobriety.

Jimmy BEFORE pic


It wasn’t until an incident involving an overdose in Pasadena, that Jimmy’s parents opted for a long term program, that Jimmy found the precious gift of recovery that he now enjoys greatly sharing with other men in the recovery community. Jimmy has taken on a role of case management at Chapter House, and provides both structure and accountability with all those he works with.

Recovery Tech

Travis Randall

Travis Randall

Travis is a twenty-two year old student at Richland College and began working at Chapter House in May of 2015. He has several years in recovery and attends CA meetings along with his friends. He is an avid fan of sci-fi literature and enjoys debating the merits of different authors.



Travis also hopes to obtain a sociological degree and use it in context of technology and the internet.

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