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The Chapter House team consists not only of the Sober Living House and the Counseling Center, but it also involves the local community of experts in the areas of medical, psychiatric, nutrition, fitness, education, and vocational services. This team, along with the local 12-step community, creates a comprehensive recovery oriented system of care.


Michael Sober Living

Michael Smith

Michael Smith achieved sobriety at the age of 23 (2003) and has dedicated his life to helping others find recovery. As the Director of Marketing for a long term treatment center specializing in chronic relapse, Michael became one of the leading industry advocates for abstinence based recovery. Michael was most recently the CEO of an extended care program for men in New England. He was a founding member of a national addiction conference, and currently serves as a planning committee member for the largest addiction treatment conference group.



Michael currently conducts the day to day operations engaging with the residents throughout all aspects of life development, recovery lectures and health and wellness curriculum. A real sense of his commitment to Chapter House occurs when family members and loved ones reach out to Chapter House and find Michael on the other end of the phone, or when conducting a tour of the property. Michael sums this up by stating, “I find working with the men day to day satisfying. Even more so helping families heal in their own process just as rewarding.”

Clinical Director at Chapter House Counseling Center

Heidi Smith

Heidi Voet Smith is a licensed professional counselor in both Texas and Maine and is also a licensed counselor supervisor. With nearly 13 years of working specifically with addiction and chronic relapse, Heidi has become a trusted voice, author, and blogger on treating individuals suffering from addictive disorders. She had a featured article in “Addiction Professional Magazine” in both 2012 and 2014 and is currently a featured blogger. She has been featured in A&E’s “Intervention” as well as the National Geographic series “How Drugs Work.” In addition, Heidi has presented at the Cape Cod Symposium for Addictive Disorders, the National Association for Addiction Professionals Annual Convention, the Texas Association for Addiction Professionals Annual Convention, as well as numerous other national and local addiction conferences. After completing graduate school, Heidi worked at a non-profit women’s treatment center with pregnant and parenting women struggling with addiction. Heidi joined the staff at a long-term treatment center for chronic relapse early in 2007 and served as the Clinical Director until 2014. Heidi has also worked with thousands of families of addicted individuals through co-facilitating family program workshops. Heidi resides in Dallas with her husband Michael and their 3-year-old son Elliott.

Heidi is an adjunct professor at both Criswell College and UTSouthwestern where she teaches addiction counseling.

Director of Operations

Douglas Beard

Douglas Beard was born in Daytona FL, and as a young man Doug was very active in martial arts and skateboarding before discovering drugs and alcohol at the age of fifteen. Douglas did enlist in the US Army where he excelled as a Airborne infantry soldier before discharging to do EMS and paramedic services.



A car accident during those years would eventually lead to a hard to break dependence on pain killers which brought Doug to Texas to seek treatment. Douglass finally found the gift of a 12 step manner of living in April of  2016 and has become an integral and valued part of the Chapterhouse community. When not working, Doug enjoys playing a round of golf, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and playing guitar.

Legal, Education & Career Liaison

Ken Kobylinski

Ken Kobylinski serves as our legal, education and career liaison. Many clients arrive at Chapter House with extensive legal dilemmas. Ken coordinates with probation officers for treatment status updates and check-ins. For our client’s scholastic needs, Ken organizes the paperwork for medical withdrawals from current universities but also helps our guys become re-enrolled when the time is right. Ken has developed a relationship with Texas Workforce Commission, enabling Chapter House to enroll our clients in career opportunities quickly and efficiently.



Ken got sober in 2006 at the age of 21. He will have 12 years of continuous sobriety in December of 2018. Ken continues to work the 12 steps and quietly but boldly welcomes other men into a life of recovery. He met his wife, Caroline, at the counseling center and they were married in March of 2018. In his spare time, Ken likes doing projects around their house, meticulously taking of the yard, and interactive gaming. He loves building computers, his wife’s cooking, and their two dogs: Morty Pfefferman and Stubbs.

Operations Assistant

Parker Mullins

Parker has been sober since May 22nd of 2011. He went to a treatment center in Dallas when he was nineteen years old. Since then he has been involved in a twelve step community, and carries the message of recovery to a rehab facility weekly. Parker is a new father, and gets the opportunity to practice the spiritual principals he has learned in recovery in his professional and family life.



Parker continues to sponsor men in the twelve step program and do everything he can to be helpful to the addict and alcoholic that still suffers. At Chapter House he gets the privilege of doing this every day.

Day Manager

Brian Burcham

Brian Burcham found his sobriety on July 2, 2014 at the age of 49. Born in Dallas but raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. Brian enjoyed a great childhood filled with a wide range of interests from sports to motorcycles to literature.

Receiving a BS in Finance and Economics from Tulsa University in 1989 and returning to Dallas to pursue a career in business. While working in University Development at SMU, Brian completed a Master of Liberal Studies in 1999.

After starting an independent insurance agency in 2007, the struggle with an increasing dependence on cocaine resulted in a heart condition and the beginning of his consequences, ultimately leading him to seek a way forward in active recovery.

Brian is now pursuing a second career working in recovery and pursuing a LCDC Certificate (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor) to be completed in 2018, using his passion for helping others to beat a life of addiction.

Stage 2 Manager

Matt Brown


Matthew Brown was born in Portland, ME and grew up in the small coastal community of Old Orchard Beach. During high school and then college Matthew started using drugs and alcohol to mask the mental and spiritual pain that gripped his daily life. Matthew began a career at 18 in business management specializing in human resources, mediation, and training and development. For a time, he was successful until his addiction developed into daily use of heroine and methamphetamines. A host of rehabs and sober houses followed but there was always a relapse followed by more shame and pain. In 2014 after another relapse at a treatment center it was recommended that Matthew attend Burning Tree Programs here in Texas. At Burning Tree Matthew was inpatient for a year and during that time had what the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous calls a “spiritual awakening”. Since that time, he has dedicated his life to helping other men recover from a hopeless state of mind and body and has become a leader in the recovery community. Matthew specializes in 12 step recovery and direct client care providing the day to day operations management of Aspen House.

Day Manager

Jason Johnson


Jason was born Dallas, TX. Growing up he was involved in nonprofit groups and the theatre during high school. In his early 20’s he found crystal meth after some unfortunate major health problems. He found the rooms of Crystal Meth Anonymous through a good friend. Jason has been sober since July14, 2014 and is grateful for everyday he stays sober. Jason is in school at moment to get is LCDC. In his spare time, he loves playing card games and watching campy horror movies.

Case Manager

John Lopez


John Lopez was born in Fort Lauderdale FL but raised in Denton Texas. Starting at an early age, John was drinking by age 11, progressed to smoking pot by age 12 and by age 14 he had found heroin and was running away from home. Life began to spin out of control with multiple arrests and hospitalization at age 20 after he went into cardiac arrest due to long term drug use.

John began seeking treatment at the age of 16. Although he has experienced relapse along his path John achieved his sobriety on September 30,2016.

John remains active in a 12 Step program and is a source of inspiration for young men in the program that sobriety can be achieved through hard work and focus on his program.

Overnight Tech

Cliffton Whitaker


Born in Dallas, Raised in Hunt county, Cliffton is the youngest of two boys from the country. After Graduating from Caddo Mills high school in 2002 he joined the Army and was honorably discharged after completing basic and AIT training. Where he then moved to Oklahoma City. In 2012 after a big promotion at his job he discovered Meth. By the end of 2012 he knew he was in Trouble. After getting sober several times while he was in Rehab for the second time his Sponsor introduced him to the 12 Steps. He has been Sober since October 5th 2016, he has proudly worked at Chapter House since February of 2018.

Case Manager

Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up playing football, soccer, baseball and basketball. Jeff was young when his parents divorced causing him to move to Dallas, Texas with his mother and brothers. He was first exposed to drugs and alcohol was at the young age of 14 but didn’t abuse any substances until later in his life. He excelled in high school, playing tight end for his varsity football team, and then worked multiple jobs to put himself through college at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. There he made good grades and made tons of friends but began learning more and more not only about himself but more so something that would one day be his ultimate downfall – Drug & Alcohol abuse. Jeff graduated from Stephen F. Austin in August 2003 – with a BA in Journalism/Marketing – and accepted an offer to work his first “corporate job” in the sales/marketing industry. A sports-related knee surgery in 2010 exposed Jeff to large quantities of Opioids and he soon became addicted. Not only that, Jeff was what they call a “Functioning Alcoholic” for many years, so the addition of prescription medication did not help his Alcoholism. He hit his rock bottom on Easter Sunday of 2017, going to his family for help, and voluntarily checking himself into a rehabilitation facility to get sober. Jeff adopted the 12 Steps of AA to help restructure his life and that is literally what it saved. He now is now truly happier than he has ever been and feels he has been charged with giving away what was so freely given to him, which is the gift of sobriety. He works with young men every day, all of whom struggle like he did himself, and enjoys playing tennis or golf whenever he has time.