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The Chapter House team consists not only of the Sober Living House and the Counseling Center, but it also involves the local community of experts in the areas of medical, psychiatric, nutrition, fitness, education, and vocational services. This team, along with the local 12-step community, creates a comprehensive recovery oriented system of care.

Douglas Beard

Director of operations


Douglas Beard was born in Daytona FL, and as a young man Doug was very active in martial arts and skateboarding before discovering drugs and alcohol at the age of fifteen. Douglas did enlist in the US Army where he excelled as a Airborne infantry soldier before discharging to do EMS and paramedic services.

A car accident during those years would eventually lead to a hard to break dependence on pain killers which brought Doug to Texas to seek treatment. Douglass finally found the gift of a 12 step manner of living in April of  2016 and has become an integral and valued part of the Chapterhouse community. When not working, Doug enjoys playing a round of golf, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and playing guitar.

William Byrum

Director of Programming


I was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. I discovered Drugs and Alcohol at the age of 12 and they were instantly the love of my life. My addiction would go on for the next 16 years. There were many attempts at changing my life, followed by still worse failures. I just did drugs – it was all I knew how to do. I spent years of my life revolving in and out of treatment centers and incarceration, I lost my parental rights to my children, and I spent time homeless in Dallas. I lost literally everything, including my self respect and dignity. I discharged the criminal justice system for the last time in September of 2018. I remember at the time of discharge, thinking that I was going to get high again. More importantly, I remember thinking that I didn’t want to get high again, and knowing that wouldn’t matter. I discharged into The Dallas 24-Hour Club, where I was presented with a solution of recovery. This solution still works to this Day. I built a relationship with God, and he did for me what I had repeatedly failed to do for myself. I have never looked back, and more importantly I have found a purpose in life. That purpose is to pass on what was so freely given to me and to strive towards practicing spiritual principles in all of my affairs. I bring that purpose to work with me everyday, and consider it a privilege to get to watch God work in the lives of our residents. I have since regained the rights to my children and helped many men, like myself, stand up and walk again. I have watched the things in my life which used to haunt me, become my greatest assets, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Ken Kobylinski

Legal, Education & Career Liaison


Ken Kobylinski serves as our legal, education and career liaison. Many clients arrive at Chapter House with extensive legal dilemmas. Ken coordinates with probation officers for treatment status updates and check-ins. For our client’s scholastic needs, Ken organizes the paperwork for medical withdrawals from current universities but also helps our guys become re-enrolled when the time is right. Ken has developed a relationship with Texas Workforce Commission, enabling Chapter House to enroll our clients in career opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Ken got sober in 2006 at the age of 21. He will have 12 years of continuous sobriety in December of 2018. Ken continues to work the 12 steps and quietly but boldly welcomes other men into a life of recovery. He met his wife, Caroline, at the counseling center and they were married in March of 2018. In his spare time, Ken likes doing projects around their house, meticulously taking of the yard, and interactive gaming. He loves building computers, his wife’s cooking, and their two dogs: Morty Pfefferman and Stubbs.

Marty Younkman

Stage 2 Manager


Marty was born in Bedford TX and has lived in the DFW area all his life. He found drugs and alcohol at the age of 15, dropped out of school in the 7th grade and got his GED in 2003. The next 15 years consisted of lots of jail time and 17 treatment centers. In May of 2018, He left a detox center for the last time and entered a sober living home. Through working a 12 step program and dedicating his time to helping others, he has remained sober. He has regained all the personal relationships that he had lost and has custody of my daughter. He views his lifelong experience of addiction as a gift he was given to be able to help the Chapter House residents achieve their goals and be successful. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his dog and spending time with his family.

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