Dual Diagnosis

At Chapter House we realize that young men in early sobriety are dealing with numerous issues above and beyond chemical dependency. Chapter House Counseling Center is fully equipped to deal with clients with dual diagnosis, including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, and PTSD. In addition, we have the resources to work with individuals with co-occurring disorders such as sex addiction, eating disorders and gambling addictions. Chapter House Counseling Center has an onsite staff psychiatrist and medical director who will provide a psychiatric evaluation on each client as well as ongoing psychiatric management. We know that dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders often begin to unleash during transitions in life, and Chapter House is prepared for this.  The intensive clinical services provided at Chapter House creates an opportunity for each client to receive the highest level of individualized attention and assessment. In addition, Chapter House will coordinate any and all additional services or specialized 12-step meeting attendance that is needed.

Chapter House was created to provide an extra level of insulation for young men who need something beyond traditional sober living. Our goal is to walk alongside each individual with their unique set of challenges and provide them all the resources they need.  Individuals with a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis need additional monitoring, structure and accountability, all which Chapter House Sober Living provides. Residents will be held accountable to taking their meds on time and learn the life skill of managing their prescriptions, doctors’ appointments, and knowing their warning sign symptoms.

If you or a loved one are looking for a dual diagnosis sober living home for men in Dallas, TX or for more information on our approach please call us today 888.448.9696.

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