Outpatient Counseling Center

Chapter House utilizes the services of Chapter House Counseling Center, an advanced recovery intensive outpatient counseling center. Each resident begins their stay at Chapter House Sober Living by participating in PHP and intensive outpatient treatment during the week. Treatment includes group therapy, individual counseling, and psychiatrist-led education groups. An initial psychiatric evaluation will be completed on each resident by the Psychiatric Medical Director at the Counseling Center. When necessary, the psychiatrist will continue to work with an individual on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. As residents progress in the program, they will step down into supportive outpatient treatment and gradually reduce their clinical treatment as they begin launching back into life. The cost of most clinical services are covered by insurance.

In addition to regular programming, Chapter House Counseling Center incorporates yoga into their weekly curriculum. Chapter House Counseling Center offers specialized EMDR therapy for those with a history of trauma or PTSD. Additionally, they offer onsite neurofeedback for those identified that would benefit and also work closely with a PhD neuropsychologist who offers a full battery of neuropsychiatric testing services.

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