The extended care approach

When the 28-day treatment model became standard practice, it was common for individuals to discharge directly back to their home with directions to attend 12-step meetings. This approach was found to have many deficiencies and sobriety rates were plummeting.

The concept of sober living homes evolved through a great need for a slower and more contained transition out of treatment and into lasting sobriety. The evolution of these groups brought great hope and success to the recovery community and quickly became a standard practice for discharge plans. The traditional sober living home was either self-governed or involved minimum leadership, but included a heavy 12-step and peer driven model.

In recent years, it has become clear that there still remains a need for smoother transition out of treatment that includes higher supervision and structure. This brought the evolution of the extended care model, which is intended to be an “extension” of treatment. This includes more staff, more programming, access to clinical services, and the recovery oriented system of care model.

Chapter House builds on this model and enhances it in an structured extended care environment by providing a life development curriculum, 12-step immersion, community volunteer involvement, advanced clinical services designed specifically for Chapter House residents, financial recovery education, health and wellness programming, and education and career development services. This combination takes the extended care model to the next level.  Please feel free to call us for a tour of our structured extended care home located in Dallas, Texas.

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