Referral Involvement

Referents are highly valued at Chapter House and referent communication is a large portion of the case manager’s responsibility. We know many of you have invested many hours and significant energy into those you refer to us and it is only appropriate that you remain closely involved through this next phase of treatment. We will communicate with you as much or as little as you request. We will accommodate your communication preference, whether it be through phone, text, email or skype. You will get regular updates and also be informed promptly of any discharges, behavioral problems or major incidents. We do not hesitate to involve referents in the intervention process of a client’s behavior. For those referents that remain in close contact with the families of our residents, we respect the work you have done and will partner with you when dealing with those families. In addition, we will involve you with all discharge planning. We hope this leaves you with confidence in referring to Chapter House.