What to expect during and after Chapter House

We have a three-fold mission with each young man at Chapter House – to land safely, launch into adulthood and live a purposeful life. In the LANDING stage, our priority is that each resident have a safe place to land coming out of primary treatment. We know the first few weeks out of treatment is when most relapses happen, and the process of leaving the intense environment of residential treatment can be very disruptive emotionally. Therefore our primary purpose is to protect the individual’s sobriety, keep them safe, and build trusting relationships with them. With a psychiatrist, individual counselor, group counselor, case manager, and 12-step sponsor, we can surround each resident in a unique and comprehensive way. As our residents stabilize, they launch back into life, whether that be a part-time job or re-enrolling in school, and we get to walk with them through the ups and downs and daily responsibilities of life. As a young man settles into a life of purpose, the process of planning for independent living becomes primary.


Stage One residents have 24-hour staff supervision. Phone calls are limited to family and 12-step sponsor. Developing a healthy routine with positive self-care is the primary focus of this stage. Dual Diagnosis issues are closely monitored in this stage while ensuring resident compliance with suggested treatment protocols. Stage one curriculum includes participation at our outpatient clinical center and intense clinical support, 12-step immersion, the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Curriculum with practical budgeting experiences, hands on education support and career guidance, working with a personal case manager, community cooking classes with a licensed dietitian, exercising with a personal coach, and daily chores.


Stage Two includes practical application of budgeting skills, consistency of employment, study skills, managing free time, maintaining 12-step recovery through service and daily disciplines, and unsupervised alone time. Each resident continues to have consistent staff oversight and accountability, while having enough space to foster independence. Stage Two clients continue in Supportive Outpatient Treatment through the Clinical Center as they transition to greater independence. They have two house meetings each week and are required to attend a minimum of three 12-step meetings each week. This is the stage where individuals really begin to internalize how to have integrity with money, time, commitments and relationships. Electronics are still closely monitored during this time for compulsive or destructive behaviors. Cars are allowed if approved by staff.


Stage Three is where residents are able to practice independence with moderate oversight while structuring their personal time and relationships. It is the preparation stage for independent living.  Stage three is more of a “traditional” sober living set-up. The residents have a significant amount of freedom and independence, while still being monitored by the house manager through regular drug tests, individual case management, budgeting check-ins, and expected participation in recovery activities. In this stage, residents are required to contribute 20% of their paycheck towards their rent and begin a savings account.


Family involvement is a key component of the program at Chapter House. Families receive weekly communication from either the resident’s case manager or their therapist. Keeping family members in the loop regarding progress and behaviors is one the highest priorities of our staff.

Family is typically a significant resource when it comes to the success of our residents. Chapter House staff mentors, coaches and directs family members in how to best support their loved one through the entire continuum of care so they transition as successful as possible through the program.

Family Therapy is offered as often as needed and is encouraged at least monthly. We work to accommodate individual family schedules to ensure this valuable process happens when needed.

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