Health and Wellness

Chapter House has a strong belief in the importance of balancing emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Through an onsite partnership with the nutrition department of The Cooper Clinic of Dallas, the residents will learn to plan meals, cook balanced meals, utilize healthy shopping skills, and stay within their budgets. An outline of the services offered are listed below. Each resident will have a membership at Crull Fitness, a unique sports specific training center, where they will be assigned a trainer and be able to set personal fitness goals. Athletes and former athletes will be able to meet their specific training needs through the expertise of the athletic trainers at Crull.

crull-logo-blkOur goal for the men is to create healthy habits and making the gym part of their daily routine. We would do this by implementing training protocols as far as the warm up and cool down go. Below is an example workout for the group.

Warm Up: 5 Minutes of Cardio on any machine
Slow Dynamic Stretches
Fast Dynamic Stretches
Monster Bands

Workout: 5 Stations 3-4 Sets at 15-60 Seconds.
1-2 Minute break in between sets

1. Battle Rope
2. Med Ball Slams
3. DB Chest Press
4. DB Curl
5. DB Military Press
After 1 Cycle complete head to cardio for 1-2 minute at high pace!

Cool Down: Ab Attack!
(Ab Attack is an abdominal routine that we do with our large groups that focuses on all parts of the abdominal. Usually lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on 1-3 sets)
Static Stretch! Stretch usually last at least 5 minutes!

The workouts would always vary and we would incorporate upper body strength, lower body strength, speed and agility, boxing, tires, etc…

We would do pre weigh-ins and baseline measurements on all the guys as well to track results. Retesting will be performed every month to track results!

PrintOnsite Services provided
by Cooper Nutrition Services:

Healthy Eating Made Simple

This comprehensive workshop will enhance your understanding of nutrition in the most practical way. You’ll learn exactly what the healthiest foods to eat for optimal health are. This answers the question, what are the foods I should eat?

Taking Your Diet Out to Eat

It often seems hard to dine out without compromising health or weight loss goals. A Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provides solutions with healthy alternatives for all types of restaurants, from the drive-thru window to the chef’s table. Tips on what happens behind restaurant doors will change your dining experience into something positive.

Grocery Store Tour:

Learn how to navigate the grocery store aisle by aisle and make healthier food choices. Learn to read food labels and more. This is a guided tour to a sometimes confusing world. What bread is best? Is this piece of fruit ripe? Is this frozen food healthy? A grocery list is provided.

Quick! What’s For Dinner?

Lean how to make quick, healthy and delicious entrees and side dishes utilizing a stocked pantry and the occasional prepped ingredient from the grocery store. Armed with dozens of entree ideas and a shopping list for your stocked pantry, you’ll find “what’s for dinner?” is genuinely quick, healthy, and delicious.

Cooking School:

If you live in “warp speed”, it is still important to make healthy choices at mealtime. This workshop demonstrates great options for delicious, quick meals that are literally ready in minutes. You will get to sample this delicious food! Recipes provided.