For Professionals

Chapter House is a different kind of sober living. We are not a fit for everyone. In fact, we are designed specifically for clients that aren’t ready for traditional sober living. We took feedback from professionals and saw a gap that needed to be filled. Many clients can leave residential treatment and move into a traditional sober house, get a job within two weeks, find a sponsor, and be successful. We are not working with those guys. We are working with the guys who need more help than that – young men who have had a “failure to launch”. These individuals need more “hand holding” during the vulnerable transition out of residential treatment. They need a significant amount coaching. They need help finding a job. They need to continue with intensive therapy. They are not ready to just jump right back into the daily grind of life. They need help understanding how to “do” life. Each resident will go through three recovery stages – Landing, Launching and Living. The later stages involves a heavy focus on making educational vocational goals a reality. Every aspect of the residential programming is created to meet each resident where they are in the transition into sobriety and freedom.

In addition, the clinical outpatient program provided by Chapter House Counseling Center is also designed to go beyond basics. Many of the men we work with have been exposed to significant amounts of treatment already. By the time they get to us, they need something beyond a “101” course on addiction. They need a therapeutic experience that challenges them to move beyond their comfort zone, lean into their fear, practice recovery principles even when it’s hard, challenge their selfishness, and dive into recovery in a way they never have.